Wedding photography Gdańsk Poland – I Love Photo.

My name is Mike Sikorski. I am a wedding photographer from Gdańsk in Poland. I mosty shoot weddings in Gdańsk and Threecity, but I work in all regions of Poland. If You want me, I can shoot photos in other country as well.

I speak fluent english, so there is no problem in communicating with foreign guests. I have done many international weddings where one of the couple was polish, and the other half from another country. I have very good interpersonal skills, so I am able to understand the situation, and communicate with everyone.

Below are few of my wedding pictures, for more pictures please go to the Portfolio section of this site. Please feel free to send me an email, you can write in english. I have my pricelist translated to english too for Your comfort. You can send message to this email address: